The Size and Shape of Embroidered Badges

Modern embroidered badges can come in a wide range of sizes and, with the use of high precision CAD cutting, a variety of shapes too.



Size Limit (max) - the maximum limit of the badge size is determined by the embroidery machines used - which in our case can work up to 120mm x 120mm. However, badges of this size are large the average left chest badge would be aprox 7.5cm (it'd be perhaps better to embroider directly onto the garment). Do call us if you want anything bigger and we'll discuss how best to achieve that.

Size Limit (min) - there is no technical minimum size limit, however below about 50mm x 50mm the badge becomes difficult to handle and would not make much visual impact when sewn onto the garment. But, if you do need something unusually small, then just give us a call.

Shape Limit - with precision CAD cutting systems, you can have just about any shape you like, including inner 'holes' (like the Cherries above). However it is best to check with us before proceeding with a design that requires especially intricate cutting and we can advise.

Embroidered Badge Backings

Velcro backing
Velcro Backing
Iron on backing
Iron-on Backing
No backing
No Backing

We have many options for backing the badges. We can leave with nothing on back so the badge has to be sewn on. We can also apply a laminate iron on backing, that when heat is applied will adhere to most garments. Also you can have a PVC backing to seal the back, or we can sew on Velcro and also supply the secondary patch to sew onto garments, this is very popular in the armed forces.